Putin: Now That’s How You Take Over A Country

You have to hand it to Putin he knows how to overthrow a government

“Now…that’s how you do it”

If overthrowing governments and empire building is your thing, then you have to hand it to Vladimir Putin, he knows how to overthrow a government. I’d be willing to bet that behind close doors all living empire builders are patting Vlad on the back and offering up high-fives.

I’m not condoning Putin’s misdeeds and I’m certainly not looking forward to another forty or more years of cold war. So, with that being said one has admire the skill and swiftness of the operation. There were only a handful of soldiers killed or wounded. They used stun grenades and shot over heads instead of blowing them off.

One thing I really admire is that Putin didn’t see fit to level the entire country.  Like, turn it into rubble. Pretty smart move, unless you’re planning to slide some business to a buddy after the smoke clears.  

It’s the nicest invasion in my lifetime.

Now as to why. I get all the theories about geopolitics and strategy. But, I have my own. Now opinions are like assholes and I have one of each.

I think that the answer to why is a simple one. He’s bored and has no one to play with. Maybe security took his games. So, without games or friends to play with the world becomes the game board and we become the pieces. I understand your predicament. I’m not blaming you Vlad. I’m here to help.

It sounds too simple, but I live by the KISS principle. Keep it simple stupid. So, that’s it! Don’t argue. I’m about to bring peace to the world. So, here goes.

Mr. Putin, I’m offering an Amazon gift certificate to buy any game on Amazon. Also, I understand maybe that you have no one to play with so, I’d even be willing to play a game or two with you. 

May I recommend, Civilization or Rome Total War their great empire building simulations. Be forewarned, I’m looking forward to kicking your ass, 

Now, my offer comes with a conditions – keep the empire building and warmongering to the game. And leave us all the fuck alone!

Please feel free to e-mail me to claim your gift certificate. Just return all occupied lands, countries and continents to their rightful owners and promise to refrain from further occupations, overthrows and military interventions.

See you on the game-board.